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Locals appriciate the efforts of Peter Gatete.


Locals in Rwanda have shown their gratitude towards Peter Gatete who has helped them 23 yrs back until now.One of the Locals found in Busanza, a local suburb in Kicuciro district, a few kilometers away Kigali International airport, a single mother with her kids who got a a change of getting back to school says that Gatete has been a parent to them,he provided them with basic need necessities and even providing a small business for her that has changed her life

Jeanne is one of the locals that benefited from Hope

Faustin Munyaneza and the children that have found a chance of going to school

Another example is a group of motorists who applause Peter Gatete for the effort he applied in helping them by giving them 15 motorcycles that has changed their lives.

Habyarimana coodinates the motorists that benefited from hope

In a school of neating called association hope and international ministries located in Kimironko Gasabo district where you find girls busy making clothes described as made in Rwanda. Kayitesi Mary who heads this association in kimironko says in the past 23 years they have managed to pass hundreds of students who are now competing on the international market.,others have started their own business.

School girls in class busy making made in Rwanda clothes

Kayitesi Mary who heads this association in kimironko

Gatete Peter says “In a very poor neighborhood we have started helping the children some years ago. As the center for our work we use a small building which also serves as church. In our last visit to Rwanda we felt a great need to improve our church. The church is very full and the building is being rented, and the walls are built of mud without a solid floor. The fact that the floor is just soil, makes it that a lot of dust goes into the air during the meetings.

Mr.Peter Gatete says ”
We are having our eye on a piece of land from where we can better serve the people “

We are having our eye on a piece of land from where we can better serve the people in the neighborhood. On this terrain we First want to built the church. It will be a simple church but with a good Floor, windows and doors so it can be closed properly so proper help can be provided to the people. There are no churches nearby, so it is a great pioneering opportunity to start this ministry to so being able to proclaim the joyous message of Jesus Christ in Word and in deed.

Faustin Munyaneza, a pastor, is one of our 5 volunteers and links in Rwanda. He is a faithful person who has committed himself many years as a volunteer for the foundation. We want to appoint him as pastor and overseer of the new expansion so that he can even more develop his talents for God even more and that God can lead him further. (see pictures). The congregation he leads has a potential and can be seen as a district congregation, on a location which is accessible for everyone. 

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